Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sweet home in Madison

Als die Apartmentdame uns gestern sagte welche Hausnummer wir haben werden, sind wir gleich hingefahren und ich hab ein Foto mit meim Handy gemacht. Die rote Linie zeigt was alles zu unserm Apartment gehoert. :D Die linken Fenster sind von unserm Schlafzimmer, die in der Mitte vom Wohnzimmer und die beim Balkon vom Gaestezimmer. :) Fotos von Innen gibts wie gesagt, wenn wir eingezogen sind. :)


Beachflower said...

Mit Balkon!! Ist ja nett! Bin gespannt auf die Innenphotos.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy my dear alex
it's huu
I still haven't got your postcards:( now im in winter vacation so i don't know if the poststation in my university still works...i hope they didn't get lost,maybe they just got delayed because of winter vacation?hope sooooooo!
I've been so busy lately,not really busy busy but just so many stuff that kept me from sending you some postcards!But i'll just send you them soooon like in 2 or 3 days!now we need to fix the apartment thing,it's stupid.They put us to live with a canadian guy but this guy he already paid to live by himself!it's so stupid they forced him to live with us.so it's so weird.we just can't wait to move out from there,hopefully tomorrow!
and thenn,after the apartment is fixed,i'll send the postcards :p sorry im sooooo slow:p
i hope you'll have a good day there!!!!i miss talking to you too!!
hope we'll talk soon!


Anonymous said...

oh by the way,i can't use myspace again that's why im writing here lol.